NEWRY DRAMA FESTIVAL 22nd March – 30th March 2019

Newry Town Hall Nightly AT 7.30 pm.


Programme of Plays


22/03/19 Ballymoney L & D S Relatively Speaking A Ayckbourn
23/03/19 Rosemary D G Kiss Me Quickstep A Whittington
24/03/19 Slemish Players Scenes From The Big Picture O McCafferty
25/03/19 Theatre 3 Newtownabbey Gaslight P Hamilton
26/03/19 Bart Players Stepping Out R Harris
27/03/19 Newpoint Players Waiting for Godot S Beckett
28/03/19 Clarence Players Give Me Your Answer Do! B Friel
29/03/19 Bunclody/Kilmyshall D G Moonglow K Carney
30/03/19 Prosperous D S Enemy of the People H Ibsen

Version by Rebecca Lenkiewicz